Diving Services for Civil, Marine and Offshore Construction.

  • Inspection, Cutting and Removal of sheet piles.
  • Installation of shark net and gravity retaining walls for bubble barrier.
  • Construction of Quay Wall, Sea wall, Concreting, Screeding and Placing of Block, Rocks, Stabit Tetra Pods, Core Rock and Armoring.
  • Bridge Pier Inspection, Repair and maintenance.
  • Water fountain, Indoor and tidal pool Cleaning and Inspection, repair and maintenance of underwater structure.
  • Underwater Cleaning, Drilling, Jack Hammering, Plastering, Painting and Rock Excavation by Drilling and Control Blasting.
  • Underwater Airlifting, High Pressure Water Jetting, Grit Blasting.
  • Underwater Welding, Cutting, Photography and Videography works.
  • Underwater Dredging, Demolition, Diamond Cutting, Salvage and Wreck Removal.
  • Installation, Inspection, Repair and maintenance of Navigational, Mooring and Marking buoys. Welding, Bolting and Fixing of Anodes and Clamps bolting.
  • Jetty, Harbor, Port, Dry-dock, Sleep way, Marinas and Breakwater Construction, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance.
  • Underwater Searching, Recovery of Anchor and Salvage of Sluice Gate on the Ports, Wreck and Sunken Structures.
  • Placing of GeoMat/textile and Gabion mattress on the seabed.
  • Seabed Leveling and underwater grouting.
  • Installation of pile jackets (steel and HDPE) and apply of den so tap on piles. Coral Fragmentation and Construction of Artificial Island, Land Reclamation, Revetments, Causeways, Shore and Beach Protection.
  • Boat ramp, Link Span Construction, Underwater Debris Removal, Clearance Measurement and Water Proofing.
  • Water Reservoir, Artificial lakes and Canal Cleaning and Inspection.
  • Repair of dams and structure by Epoxy and RCC with depointing work on Dams wall.