Diving Services for Pipeline, Power plant, SBM/SPM

  • Installation, Replacement and Refurbishment of Chlorination and Aeration Pipeline.
  • Inspection, Modification, Construction and Maintenance of Power Station.
  • Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning, of Power plant Pipeline, Intake pit/tank, Filters, Screen, Seawater and Fire Pump Suction.
  • Installation, Refurbishment and Replacement of Power plant, Pipeline, Intakes, Filters and Subsea
  • Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Desalination Plant and Reinforcement of Dock wall intake and
  • Installation, Inspection, Repair, Maintenance of GRP, HDPE, Concrete coated steel and Subsea Flexible Pipe and Flow
  • Pipeline ERP (Emergency Repair) Operations
  • Seawater oil boom Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Diving Assist for Trenching, Laying and Backfilling/Burial of  Pipeline.
  • Cathodic Protection (Anode & Paint) & Measurement using CP meter.
  • Diving Support for Submarine Fiber Optic Cable laying Operations.
  • SBM/SPM Above water Survey, Inspection and Maintenance of – Buoy Hull, Deck House, Navigational Aids, Auto Greasing System, Safety Equipment’s, SBM Product Piping, Water Tight Compartment, Battery Compartment, Bilges Pump, Mooring Facilities, Telemetry System and GPS Location.
  • SBM/SPM Underwater Survey, Inspection and Maintenance of – Buoy Hull, Cathodic Potential, Submarine Hose, Measurement of Mooring Chain Angles, Mooring Chains, Hose String Makeup, Mooring and De Mooring Assistance and Hydrostatic Pressure test of Floating and Submarine Hoses
  • SBM/SPM and PLEM Installation & Maintenance, MGR and
  • SBM/SPM Auxiliary Inspection, Buoy & Chain Inspection, Subsea Hose Inspection, Anchors Set- up, angle & tension check and complete replacement as per client requirement.
  • NDT, Class and Third-party survey of the Buoy, PLEM, Subsea Hose and Chains with reporting.
  • Pipeline Plug, Clamp, Connector installation and Touchdown Monitoring, Route Survey and Damage Assement.